Preview: Rock While You Shop at Iceland Airwaves

By: Lizette Garza

The 2011 Iceland Airwaves Musical Festival has sold out but those who don’t have tickets can still enjoy the festivities. Last week, the Iceland Airwaves staff released the off-site schedule for the 2011 Festival. For those of you that don’t know what off-site venues are, they are various places: stores, shops, cafés, bars, clubs opened for artists and musicians to play and showcase their music to the public.

The fashion world in Iceland has been booming internationally and locally due to their new and innovative fashion lines and festivals. According to Ice News “The recent Icelandic design festival, DesignMarch found high recognition when the New York Times made specific reference to the festival in its ‘41 Places to Go in 2011’ feature, where Iceland was placed fourth on the list.” Many of these Iceland design festivals and fashion shows include shops and lines such as Kronkron and Kormákur og Skjöldur. Lucky for those who will be near Reykjavik on October 12 through October 16; they will get a chance to check these shops out since they will be hosting off venue shows for Iceland Airwaves.

Kronkron a fresh, fun, innovative shoe and apparel store on the main shopping street of Reykjavik opened as a sister store of Kron by Kronkron which was established in 2000. Hugrún Dögg Árnadóttir, Kron founder and an Iceland fashion designer said, “Kron focus’ on shoes while Kronkron is all about up-and-coming designers and then more established designers who (have) been loyal to themselves for years.” The store has made a name for itself, gaining recognition and establishing a home to many designer’s lines (Vivienne Westwood, Bernhard Willhelm, Tsumori Chisato, and Marc Jacobs).

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As for Kron and Iceland Airwaves working together, they’ve had a relationship for several years now and continue again this year. Kronkron’s store will be hosting shows as an off-site venue spot. Hugrun says “the store has always been (a) good venue for artists to use the space with their installation. The same goes about music as it is quite common that we have concert(s) few times per year. For the last few years we have been part of the off venue as friends of Airwaves.” There is no stopping Kronkron and many other fashion boutiques in Iceland, they will continue to integrate their work with musicians, artists and friends but what can we expect different from Kron this year? It’s their new line, aw11! So as a music lover and fashion shopper, I plan to stop in and listen to some sweet jams and shop, fellow festival-goers should join me.

Off-Venue Schedule:

Kron Kron
20:00	 Guðmundur Úlfarsson
19:00	 Sindri Eldon

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