Iceland Airwaves 2012 Radio Documentary

The Iceland Airwaves Radio Documentary airs Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 7 p.m. CT. Tune into WCRX-88.1 FM in Chicago and also worldwide via WCRX-88.1 live stream.

Here are a few more stories produced from the Iceland Airwaves class.



Shannon Dawson speaks with Apparat Organ Quartet

Here’s an interview with two of the masterminds behind Iceland’s innovative and quirky electronic rock ‘n’ roll group, Apparat Organ Quartet.  Bandmates Hörður Bragason and Músikvatur sat down with WCRX-88.1 FM for an interview about the groups odd set of instrumentation and the progression of their sound since the bands inception.


Jack Collier gets on the fashion tip in Iceland

While the music of Iceland has been deservedly celebrated, there’s another art form ready to be found. During the Airwaves festival, WCRX explored Iceland’s blossoming fashion scene and even sat down with one of Iceland’s biggest designers, Mundi Vondi. Hear the story by Jack Collier below:


Sidney Hall interviews Myká:

Channeling nature and the supernatural, Myrká is creating an up rise of a new type of sub genre death pop. The voice of Guðný Lára Gunnardóttir leads into an enchanting world where mystical Akeyreri, Iceland is the landscape. After touring around for nearly a year around Iceland. Myrká caused a buzz at the M.E.A.N.Y. in New York. Myrká, meaning dark river, creates an escape from the material realm into the unknown.

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