Final Iceland Cultural Story: Universal Healthcare (LISTEN)

Our Covering International Music Fests: Iceland class is a wrap but the memories live on! Hear our full radio documentary and explore our class blog (listen to one of the cultural story segments from the final radio documentary below). Also check out our daily blogs,  live reviews from the 2017 Iceland Airwaves Music festival, cultural interviews produced during our Iceland trip and hear our preview interviews we produced before we arrived.  

Recently in America, the healthcare system has been under debate. After former president Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, 20 million more Americans now have healthcare who previously lacked it. But, for some, the financial loss of an estimated $2 billion for private healthcare companies outweighs the benefits.

Since president Donald Trump was elected, Americans are seeing draft after draft of bills attempting to demolish the ACA, but they have yet to pass. This has led many in the U.S. to fight for a policy more similar to that of a Universal Healthcare System. Many European countries have made the shift to a non-privatized system, including Iceland who has run on this system for their entire existence as a country.

Hear interviews with former Chairwoman of Health and Welfare: Nichole Leigh Mosty, Director of Nursing at Landspítali: Sigríður Gunnarsdóttir, and Founder of deCODE Genetics: Kári Stefánsson to learn about the Icelandic healthcare system and find out a little bit about America’s healthcare system as well.

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