Listen To The Full Iceland Airwaves 2017 Radio Documentary

After an incredibly amazing experience in Iceland and covering cultural issues and musicians, it’s time for a wrap. Our class’ hard work can be heard in our full Iceland Airwaves 2017 radio documentary. In case you missed it air on WCRX-FM, listen below and hear all about our adventures in the northern island we fell in love with in just a week.

We arrived in Iceland just after the country’s recent elections, which affected virtually every story we worked on. They were central to understanding cultural issues and getting a grasp on the political history of the country. You will see its influence in the following stories in the documentary (listed here in chronological order):

Kaitlin Logan reported on Iceland’s universal healthcare system and its greater medicinal feats compared to the U.S.; Ariel Parrella-Aureli dove into the domestic violence issue against women, how the opening of a new family justice center is doing and how Iceland’s resources fair with the U.S.’s services to battered women; Paige Evans discussed the difficult process for refugees seeking asylum and how the country is dealing with an influx of refugees; Zayda Cavazos reported on climate change and how Iceland is developing new projects that will help reduce glaciers melting; Nick Palasz covered the country’s renewable energy status—it claims to be 100 percent renewable by 2050 using local geothermal and hydro energy—and Mary Connor Cox reported on waste management’s advances. 

We got to experience the beauty of Iceland’s nature like the Secret Lagoon in Fudír, where we had the most carefree day ever, as seen in the above picture of all of us. We also got to cover a wide variety of music while in Iceland. The list—and our favorites—is a long one, but some include FM BelfastHoly Hrafn, Jón Jónnson, Mammút and Cell7 and to name a few Icelandic artists. But international acts dominated the festival, too; U.K’.s Childhood and Billy Bragg to the U.S.’s Pinegrove and Columbia-Canadian Lido Pimienta group made a lasting impact on us. Catch up on all the artists we saw by reading our reviews here! Music from several of the artists we covered are also featured in the radio documentary, so take a listen.

The first song you’ll hear is “Unison Love” by Icelandic duo Warmland, who capture the warmth of the locals with their ’70s and ’80s synth pop that will have you dancing first thing. We chose another favorite to close out the documentary—Jón Jónnson‘s single “Gefðu Allt Sem Þú Átt,” which we could not get enough of and will hopefully leave you with a full appetite to dig into these talented musicians coming out of Iceland. Remember you heard them here first!

We have to give a huge thank you to Iceland AirwavesColumbia College ChicagoWCRX-FMAlthea Legaspi and all of the staff and locals that gave us an experience to hold on to for a lifetime.

You can also check out the daily blogs and live concert reviews created throughout our trip, as well as the interviews produced during our staypreview stories and more on our class blog. Get on with our Iceland adventure below!


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