Final Iceland Cultural Story: Climate Change on Glaciers (LISTEN)

Our Covering International Music Fests: Iceland class is a wrap but the memories live on! Hear our full radio documentary and explore our class blog (listen to one of the cultural story segments from the final radio documentary below). Also check out our daily blogs,  live reviews from the 2017 Iceland Airwaves Music festival, cultural interviews produced during our Iceland trip and hear our preview interviews we produced before we arrived.  

The effects of climate change are not only taking part within America it is slowly making its way to the northern hemisphere and taking effect in Iceland. Breiðamerkurjökull is a famous glacier that consists of natural mesmerizing features which has tourists visiting all over the world and as each year passes the glacier is threatened by the rising temperatures. Due to all the natural disasters occurring in the world it is crucial that countries create a plan to moderate and create a sense of stability for the earth’s environment. Many have done so by choosing to follow the Paris Agreement act while others have opposed it. Iceland, however, has not only taken initiative in complying with the Agreement, but has acted in helping prolong the melting of their glaciers by making safe, environmentally friendly changes.

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