Iceland Airwaves 2017 Daily Blog (11/6): The Final Chapter

The people of Iceland would always mention how this country has this magical quality about it and that one would experience moments quite like no other. Upon arriving we were all filled with exhaustion and excitement and couldn’t believe the fact that after weeks of preparation we had finally arrived. Everything started very quickly: in one day we tasted our first Icelandic hot dog, our professor Althea Legaspi familiarized us with the town of Reykjavik, we learned about the tourism within Iceland and got to try out the hot springs, which I have to point out was extremely relaxing and muy caliente (very hot). We ended the night at a tapas bar where we had the opportunity to try out some exotic cuisine, which was at times delicious, but my favorite was definitely their seafood.

Day two of our trip was filled with back-to-back interviews this was a bit terrifying to me because of the fact that I wanted to make a good impression upon these important people I would be interviewing. As the day carried on it was nothing but profound proudness of how prepared and comfortable I was interviewing a professor of glaciology, head of obstetrics and prenatal diagnosis unit, coordinator of glaciology research, and Reykjavik energy. Two of my interviews ended up rescheduling for the next day so the hard part was not over yet.

It was Wednesday morning and while most of my classmates slept I was headed off to complete my last two interviews one with the founder of deCODE Genetics and a social worker and counselor at Landspitali University Hospital. The morning got to a great start with both my interviews turning out better than what I expected, afterwards I was able to sneak in a little shopping making my way to this vintage shop Spúútnik where I bought this amazing pink coat.

If you happened to be at Iceland Airwaves and saw a girl with her hair in a bun and golden hooped earrings and a pink coat than you most likely saw me running from venue to venue. Wednesday was also the initiation of Iceland Airwaves where I reviewed Uni Stef, Hildur, and Cell7.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday consisted of more band reviewing however we were lucky enough to put aside our work mode and take in some Icelandic excursions. We went to the National Museum of Iceland where we learned a lot about the history and how the Vikings came about and the generations after. I am a huge history geek and enjoy learning about the history among different cultures and it was so fascinating to see the perspectives about life and the way Iceland became to what it is today. Our professor Althea kept mentioning to us that she had a surprised in-store for us and as much as we begged to have her tell us she did not budge. We were definitely surprised because it ended up being such a marvelous experience she surprised us with a trip to the Secret Lagoon.

Our last excursion was none other than the Golden Circle where they took us on a tour to see Iceland’s greatest landscapes. It was breathtaking to see geysers everyone mentions, and as freezing as it was to make our way to the Gullfoss Waterfall, it was worth the walk. Now I understand why locals mention that Iceland brings something magical upon your life and it has nothing to do with just the breathtaking landscape or the fun atmosphere Iceland Airwaves brought to the town, but the relationships and respect that these natives have for embracing their culture and sharing it with you. If you ever get a chance I recommend having Iceland on your bucket list.

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