Iceland Airwaves 2017 Live Review (11/3): Auður, Maus, Pinegrove

Auður @ Reykjavík Art Museum // 8:00 pm

Auðunn Lúthersson is Auður. Red Bull Music Academy alum, Auður began his musicianship in the hardcore/noise-rock scene with a background in jazz guitar from FÍH. Auður transitioned into making modern R&B after being inspired by James Blake’s performance at Sónar 2013. He became a perfectionist and wanted control of every instrument. Auður mentioned that the influence and taste of the “hip, pretty girls” led him to make his music.

The performance was intimate and slow at Iceland Airwaves’ biggest venue—not an easy feat. The production was the backbone of the performance with heavy bass and dance-ability before transitioning to softer moments. Auður’s played both guitar and bass during the performance. On guitar, he played each note to the fullest. He made sure each note had its place and was held out to its maximum potential. The crowd easily followed along song after song because of a well made set-list.

Maus @ Galma Bíó // 9:20 pm

Maus is a rock band from Iceland, formed in 1993. The band consists of Birgir Örn Steinarsson on vocals and guitar, Daníel Þorsteinsson on drums, Eggert Gíslason on bass, and Páll Ragnar Pálsson on guitar.

The band took the stage with experience. There was no fancy showing or extravagant plan. They were a band who had done this before. Behind the lead vocals and melody lied the heart of each song; the progression and experimentation happened behind the scenes. The band was very fluid. The structure of each song was short and to the point. One song’s intro began with singular guitar notes before being joined by bass. As the song built, the audience became more and more involved, and before it ended they were rocking from left to right in unison.

Pinegrove @ Galma Bíó // 10:30 pm

Pinegrove is an indie and alternative rock band from Montclair, New Jersey. The band consists of Evan Stephens Hall, Zack Levine, Sam Skinner, Nandi Plunkett, Josh Marre , and Adan Carlo. Adan Carlo and Nandi Plunkett did not perform. Bass was played by Hannah Read of Lomelda.

Pinegrove came on stage and began with, “Washing windows with Angelina.” Their shortest song, and arguably their catchiest, brought the audience together to sing along. Crisp clean guitars were backed booming drums. Each song had a beautiful melody allowing the crowd to sing along. The performance was very intimate connecting the audience to the band. Pinegrove was loud and in your face during energized choruses before falling back to emotionality with their lyrical verses. As the show progressed the crowd became more and more involved, and by the end of the show everyone was dancing and singing along like Pinegrove was their favorite band.

About Nick Palasz

Hey! My name is Nick Palasz and I am an Arts Management student at Columbia College Chicago. I love traveling + music festivals! See you at Airwaves!
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1 Response to Iceland Airwaves 2017 Live Review (11/3): Auður, Maus, Pinegrove

  1. Norberto Lindgren says:

    You didn’t mention Audur smashing his guitar and abruptly ending the show. From my perspective, the other performers on the stage had no idea that this was coming. What happened?

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