Iceland Airwaves 2017 Live Review (11/1): Una Stef, Hildur, Cell7,

Una Stef
Performed at Hverfisbarinn at 8:50PM

Una Stef is known to Iceland as their version of Alicia Keys with her grand entrance that consisted of the vibrations coming from her band members instruments, it is no wonder she is often compared. It was however that the moment she started to sing that listeners may realize the emissive talent this woman has. She shined bright like a gem in her floral green dress, but what stood out more was the sultry raw voice that echoed within the venue. Her interaction with the crowd was genuine and welcoming as she cheered for the crowd to sing along. It wasn’t long until the audience reacted with sweet whistling and swaying of the hips. She even announced the release of her new single, which she also performed for the first time. The audience reacted with excitement and even tried to sing along with her.

Performed at Gamla Bío at 10:30PM

Hildur was a spectacular performance. There was an influence of opera within her music by the notes she would reach when singing live. Her angelic pop voice caused people to sway with enjoyment and some people yelled out how much they loved her. It was one thing listening to her music and another to actually visualize it, she definitely brought a movement when singing her songs. She was dressed in pink with stings flowing down her body and with every movement she would make the outfit would move with her as well. Her songs caught the audience reading in such a positive light that when it was over they were wanting more.


Performed at Gaukurinn at 12:10PM

Her performance resonated immediately the moment and the atmosphere she brought was a fun atmosphere she had that party vibe at 12 o’clock in the morning. Her music is best described as passionate with a California influence, her words reacted towards people in a way rap artist do. She even surprised the audience with having a guest singer on stage which was none other than Hilder, an Icelandic pop singer. The song they sang together was from her newly  released single and was her first time performing the entire performance was caught off guard in which the reaction was nothing, but positive you were able to see people bouncing  and swaying their hands in the air and dabbing to the song. The overall vibe was what you would expect from a rapper, but in a way that was more intimate and relatable to the audience. Although people were intoxicated they were enjoying their time by appreciating the music and jamming to the lyrics that resonated within each of them. Cell7 had a gap of not producing music, but through this performance she was able to illustrate to the world that she is ready for a comeback and to make a difference within the rap community,  most specifically among women.






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