Iceland Culture Preview: The Icelandic Language is Dying [LISTEN]

We’re heading to Iceland Airwaves 2017 to review the festival and report on Icelandic cultural stories, beginning October 29th. Tune in to WCRX-FM 88.1 live in Chicago or via livestream on Saturday, October 28th at 1 p.m. CT and the rebroadcast on Sunday, October 29th at 5 p.m. CT for our preview show before we depart and follow our journey on our class blog once we’re there.

Icelandic is a complicated language with a long history rooted in culture and tradition. Icelanders use words like Gluggaveður which literally translates to window weather. It describes the type of weather which is pretty to look at but unpleasant to go outside in. Icelandic is full of beautiful words that can perfectly sum up a variety of situations. This is something that English can sometimes lack. English used to have words such as “merry-go-sorry” (a combination of joy and sorrow) but they have fallen out of fashion. The Icelandic language is slowly dying out and technology is partly to blame. Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson and Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir are a little over a year into a five-year research project, diving into the largest study ever done on the language.


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