Iceland Airwaves Preview: CYBER (WATCH)

Originally formed as a thrash-metal/disco duo, Cyber  has since transformed into a electronic/rap group combining edgy lyrics with heavy techno beats. Comprised of two female artists, Jóhanna Rakel Jónasdóttir and Salka Valsdóttir, the two joined forces in 2012 creating songs uniquely based on subjects ranging from gender and politics, to downright nonsense. Cyber made its Iceland Airwaves premiere in 2016, and is returning for another year of dance-heavy, female hip-hop.

The song above, Aspen Barbie, is a perfect example of the duo’s unique sound. It combines English and Icelandic lyrics to create a ridiculous symphony of dance-inducing music. The video does an amazing job of capturing Cyber’s unique style by compiling unedited clips of the two skiing and snowboarding, producing the “unpolished” affect that their music is based off of. The members of Cyber have a unique power to display their passion without the frills of big-budget production, and it’s a power they’re sure to display at Iceland Airwaves this November.

Cyber will be performing Wednesday, November 1 at 8:30pm at The Reykjavik Art Museum on the Icelandair Stage, as well as Friday, November 4 at 9:10pm at Græni Hatturinn. 

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