Listen To The Full Iceland Airwaves 2016 Radio Documentary

In case you missed the live broadcast on January 14th and 15th on WCRX-FM, listen to the full Iceland Airwaves 2016 radio documentary below. With Donald J. Trump being officially inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, this year’s students share how our eight days abroad in the progressive country of Iceland widened our perspectives on a variety of topics prevalent here in the U.S. Catch a glimpse of protests that have emerged in Chicago since the election and gain an international perspective on a series of issues and events that have prompted discussion, raised concerns and sparked debates throughout Trump’s journey to the White House. It also features some of the music we reviewed while covering the excellent 2016 Iceland Airwaves Music Festival.

It features the following stories (in order of their appearance in the documentary):

Erika Smith discusses Iceland’s multi-party system, Adam Miller takes a look at the political issue of campaign finance, Sarah Matthews explores Iceland’s economic development and banking crisis, Ellie Wright shares details on the country’s housing market concerns, Miranda Sherman investigates the country’s anticipated need for more foreign labor, Kimmy Kaczmarek examines the changing landscape of marriage and family, Francesca Brilli compares the way parental leave is handled in Iceland and the U.S., Sarah Penn takes us through the evolution of Icelandic music, Erin Brown looks at the prevalence of Muslim xenophobia, and Mackenzie Crosson speaks to experts on the relationship between geothermal energy and combatting climate change.

We also covered music from GKRLára Rúnars, Pink Street Boys, Ljóðfæri , Boogie Trouble, Puffin IslandMani OrrasonVökGrúska Babúska, and Agent Fresco during Iceland Airwaves 2016. Read our nightly live show reviews from the trip here.

Thank you to Iceland Airwaves, Columbia College Chicago, WCRX-FM, Althea Legaspi and all of the staff and students that made this experience possible.

You can also check out the daily blogs and live reviews created throughout the trip, as well as the interviews produced during our stay, preview stories and more.

About mackenziecrosson

Columbia College Chicago Cultural Studies and Multimedia Photojournalism student. Editorial Intern at Chicago-based travel media company OneGlobe Citizen.
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