Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog (11/6): First Time Over Sea Ends

Its hard to even begin talking about the experience I’ve had this past week. Mainly because I have nothing to compare it to, it was my first time out of the country! But it honestly has been the coolest thing I’ve done in my life thus far. It’s hard to believe that a week ago from today we had landed in Iceland, all tired but excited to see this new country. Many parts of the trip were amazing and something completely new.

Going to Laugarvatn Fontana Spa had to be one of the best things, along with the Golden Circle Tour. At the spa I felt like I was able to relax and get out the many knots that formed in my shoulders and back. Let me tell you, sleeping on buses for a few days on end gets to you after a while. But I think the best was going into the freezing cold lake, then back into the hot baths. That water was completely cold and honestly I thought I would have been too much of a chicken to actually do it. Thank god I did though because it actually shocked my knots out of me. Being at the Golden Circle I felt like I got to interact with my favorite part of going to new places, the nature. Yes, I was completely on this trip for the Iceland Airwaves Festival but I love exploring nature. Especially when hiking up rocky hill sides, which was defiantly involved! It was all so beautiful to see, even though we only had about an 30 mins to an hour at each place. One day I would love to go back and explore more of the beautiful mountain sides. The waterfall Gullfoss was unreal, I’ve see waterfalls and often go looking for them but this one was so beautiful. I loved seeing all the ice that formed near it from being so cold, which also stunk because it made me so cold.

Evidently I don’t speak fluent Icelandic. Who knew! But that really didn’t stop me from enjoying each and every band I saw this week who didn’t sing in english. Reykjavíkurdætur, has now become added to my work out playlist because of how much they motivate me, along with GKR and CYBER. Most of the bands I reviewed I didn’t know what to expect from them, but they were all great and made each night completely fun. Thursday night would have had to been my favorite night of the week. Nap Eyes and Pink Street Boys were the best shows and made me miss going to punk shows. Pink Street Boys completely blew me away, and can agree that they are the loudest band in Iceland. I also made some friends from Canada at Húrra that night too, which was really awesome when your just alone at a show. Húrra has officially become my favorite venue in the concert so far, every show I had in there was the best and I loved the way the place looks. It may be a smaller venue compared to Harpa but it rocked the hardest. What takes the cake from each concert combined was Björk Digital Performance, the virtual reality experience was something I have not gotten the chance to wittiness and I’m so glad her show was the first one I did it with.

There are so many people I should thank for making this trip great. Starting with all the interviewees I was able to speak with for my cultural pieces, not only did they help me with my project but they were great to just speak with afterwards to learn more about Icelandic culture. Heiðdís Einarsdóttir, from Visit Reykjavík, was wonderful and even helped me when I was down an interview. IcelandAir for even having this concert to go to and allowing me to come. All the wonderful girls, and boy, from this trip who I’ve gotten close with over the past 7 days that have made this trip unbelievable. Shout out to Eddie and the British Skool Gurlz! But most of all thank you Althea Legaspi, without her this whole trip wouldn’t have been possible, and I wouldn’t be able able to say finally say that I’ve been out of the county, especially such a beautiful one as Iceland. Not to mention that I can now say I’ve tried Puffin, whale, and shark this week, all of which I never in my life thought of trying until this trip. These new experiences have opened up a gateway onto new trips that I hope to take one day around the world.

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