Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/5): Mr. Silla, GANGLY, Sykur

Mr. Silla @ NASA // 11:30

Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, better known as the electronic pop act Mr. Silla, took the stage at Nasa, covered in glitter, before a full crowd prepared to witness an amazing set. Throughout the performance, Silla repeatedly displayed her passion for music by her gut wrenching lyrics, expressive movements and interaction with the crowd. Immediately upon beginning the show she reminisced about her 12 consecutive past Airwaves performances, setting the tone for the show. She then led into her first song in which she experimented with a different, more electronic sound than her more popular music. At some points the robotic sounds seemed to distract from the general mood of the music, but she quickly recovered with her impressive vocal range. Silla, being such a versatile artist, effortlessly moved on to her more emotional music that she joked about being perfect for a Saturday night set. Despite being an odd setting for sad music, fans could appreciate her talent. One of Silla’s biggest strengths is being able to transform from a soft, soothing sound to her powerful belting vocals keeping the audience constantly impressed by her musical talent.


GANGLY @ Gamla Bío // 12:30am

Three piece Icelandic group GANGLY was a highly anticipated artist performing at this year’s Airwaves as seen by the line wrapping around the venue Gamla Bío. They are an indie electronic band whose live performance was able to completely enhanced their dark, melodic music. The performers looked distant throughout the set and only engaged the audience one time, before their last song to announce their band name, but it completely worked. The magic in this performance was the haunting atmosphere it was able to create by pairing the emotion on stage and the eerie electronic soundscape. A highlight of this performance was the varied vocal tones and sounds since each performer had a large role in singing every song. With that came the only critique of the set being the extreme level of auto tune on the guitarist’s microphone. He became impossible to understand and for that reason took away from the set.


Sykur @ Gamla Bío // 2:30am

Icelandic electronic rock fusion band Sykur delivered a mind blowing performance at Gamla Bío.  Even though the show was at half past 2am, both the band and the crowd were extremely high energy, constantly dancing and moving around. Singer Agnes Björt Andradóttir stole the show with her powerful, deep vocals, but equally as important to the show was her engaging stage presence.  To start off the set, Andradóttir emerged onstage wearing a huge, puffy white sweater dress which she commented was made out of 10 fleece blankets.  The only problem with a wardrobe like that is when the heat from the lights and all of the movement, it gets hot.  Really hot.  That is why not even two songs in she stopped the band, ran backstage, and changed into something a bit more suitable.  Another memorable part was about midway through the set, without even being prompted, the crowd began shouting the lyrics along with Andradóttir.  It was quite the magnificent moment that even the guitarist of the band had to stop and take a video.  Overall the band is absolutely worth seeing live due to their high energy performance and impressive sound.


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