Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/5): Auður, Thorunn Antonia, CHINAH

Þórunn Antónía, or Thorunn Antonia, performed at 8:50pm at Nasa. She started her solo career in 2001 and has been a part of many different music projects since then. She became a part of an indie pop duo called The Honeymoon when she moved to London. She then moved to LA and sang with the group, Junior Senior, before working with the band, Thenewno2. She is now a synth pop singer in Iceland and has an album called Star Crossed from 2012 and is currently working on a future album. Antónía told the crowd a story of how she took the past year to switch things up and write sad coffee house music, but then decided that she wanted to “put on a sparkly jumpsuit and have fun” again. She and the DJ were really close and joking together with the crowd. Although the room was fairly empty, she didn’t lose energy or motivation to make the show fun and full of upbeat pop music. She and the crew goofed off a bit when trying to clean up her spilt beer on stage and at one point, she told the crowd that it was “never too early to start dancing at Iceland Airwaves.” She ended the set with a bubbly performance of her big song, “Too Late.”


Auður (Author) is an electronic pop R&B artist in Iceland. He has two songs, “3D :: Both Eyes On You” and “South America,” which also has a self-directed music video. He played Nasa at 9:40pm. Auður and the two instrumentalists on stage were all dressed in simple black and white clothes paired with colored lights and backdrops made with distorted webcam videos and simple graphics. He played a short set of new songs considering that he only has two currently released, but on the very first note of “South America,” the crowd screamed in excitement. He took time to sing along with only his guitar and no other backup instruments and yelled about how awful Donald Trump was, having everyone in the room yelling with him. 


CHINAH played at 1:30am at the Gamla Bíó venue. They are a pop band, inspired by a background of folk and classical music, from Denmark. The band consists of three members, Fine Glindvad (singer), Simon Andersson (pianist), Simon Kær (guitarist) and has one album called Once The Lights Are On (2016). Their performance and sound was similar to The Japanese House, Wet and Broods. With bright, flashing lights to the beat of the music and consistent low-key energy throughout the show, CHINAH kept the audience captivated. Glindvad kept on dancing and never lost her energy for the whole 40 minutes. Andersson was so into his music that the keyboard looked like it was going to collapse at any minute. They had a chill stage presence and good and obvious communication between the members. They closed with an eye-catching and powerful version of “Away From Me,” lined up and bowed and thanked the audience as a group, earning them a long round of applause. 

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