Iceland Airwaves Live Review (11/5): Jennylee, DOOMSQUAD, CYBER


img_9403-jpgJenny Lee Lindberg of Warpaint, created a solo album back in December of 2015 as Jennylee. With her same signature Warpaint groove incorporated, she introduced new wave and goth elements. Members of Warpaint had come to show support at Jenny’s concert and had been seen onstage talking with her before her performance at Iðnó. Her set was laid back, making it almost seem like they were playing a rehearsal more than a show. Each wearing Jennylee merchandise, showing either her face on a shirt or a hoodie that said “Right on.” During her performance you wouldn’t see her not moving around the stage dancing, which seemed extremely hot in a hoodie and jeans but she had made it look easy. Her sound was mixed with a synthesizer that changed the tone to be more gothic and dark than her usual voice. Interactions between her and the band made the set seem more lively and playful at times, it showed they were having fun playing and not taking it entirely serious. Unfortunately the show had started late due to equipment complications with the set up, but everything was fixed before she performed with only minor changes made during the set that went faintly noticeable.



DOOMSQUAD is a group from Toronto Canada, playing psychedelic electronic dance music. This band’s performance takes the crowd on a trip without the drugs. They constantly were moving around during their performance from being so engrossed in their playing. Including going deep into the crowd and singing at members of the audience. Húrra was a perfect venue for enhancing their performance; with the smaller set venue the sounds played were amplified better and personalized, instead of what it might have been at a larger venue. Lighting played a roll in their set by joining the psychedelic music in a form of dance on the wall behind them. Most members didn’t wear shoes during the set but they did wear an interesting choice of make up and clothes. Some having make up that looked as if they had been injured on some part of their face, and one girl look like she had came straight from the eighties. Unsure of why they wore what they wore, but it seemed to go with their trip of a set. Music played came from various instruments including the drums, guitar, keyboards and drum pads. Occasionally they’d throw in a flute and shakers to bring in added sound into the mix. Their sound in music isn’t something that should just be listened to, it should be seen. Their performance added an extra element that you cannot get with just listening to it.


fullsizerender-jpgCYBER is a rap duo and musical project with all members also being in the group Reykjavíkurdætur. Their performance had not only been about the music, but about the message they try to convey in their music. Which even without being able to understand it, the crowd was still able to jump along. To make their performance interesting, they made it an aerobic work out routine, adding in moves to follow along with during the breaks between songs. They also had dumbbells that members of the group had picked up at various times to lift and joke around with. Even though they had made it seem like a work out routine, their outfits said pajama party. Either way, their music had not made it seem that way. With a member spinning on her laptop in the back, and having the other three rapping out different verses in Icelandic. One of their songs played was called “Vegas,” that members of the band gave out free candy to people in the audience. What was truly touching is seeing other members of Reykjavíkurdætur in the front crowd showing the support for the other daughters on stage, being handed food and drinks as they played onstage.

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