Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/5): Karó, Adia Victoria, Seratones

Today our group got the opportunity to do the amazing Golden Circle Tour. We got to see Thingvellir National Park, the Strokkur Geyser and the incredible Gulfoss Waterfall. The park was absolutely amazing, and the waterfall was so beautiful. But my favorite by far was the Strokkur Geyser, because we hiked a mountain right next to it, and the view was indescribable. It made me realize how comfortable I’ve become in this city that was once strange to me, and that made me so happy. However, I was also reminded that we are dwindling down to our final days, and that I’m not quite ready to leave this place that’s already started to feel like home.


Karó is new to the music scene, but already has an upbeat first single titled “Silhouette.” Earlier this year, she released a popular single called “Wolfbaby.” Karó was NASA’s first show of the night at 20:00. She sang so effortlessly with her moody pop music, it’s hard to believe it was even real. Her vocals were smooth and she gave off a strong, “don’t mess with me” vibe while still being sweet toward the crowd and her musicians, and singing with all of her heart. She sang her most recent single, “Wolfbaby,” which came out in February, and the crowd absolutely loved it. She said the show was epic before closing with her first single, “Silhouette,” which was released in August 2015.

Based out of Nashville, Adia Victoria’s sound is a mixture of rock, afro punk, and country. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Victoria said her music is a reflection of who she really is, whether that be selfish and naïve, or tender and understanding. Victoria shocked the crowd with her impressive vocals at her 22:30 show at Gamla Bíó. She filled the room with her voice which ranged from high and soulful to raspy and deep in a matter of moments. The passion she had for her music and performing completely filled the room, and the crowd felt it. Everyone moved with the music as Victoria flawlessly switched from rock to soul. She made the room feel intimate but also so big all at once, providing a truly indescribable performance.

Seratones are an American rock band that formed in Louisiana in 2013. It includes AJ Haynes on vocals, Connor Davis on guitar, Adam Davis on bass guitar, and Jesse Gabriel on drums. They released their debut album, titled Get Gone in 2016 with Fat Possum Records. AJ Hanes, the lead singer of the Seratones, emerged with a big smile on her face for their show at 00:30 at NASA. The entire band had this amazing energy that captured everyone in the room. There wasn’t a single person who wasn’t moving or dancing along with Haynes to the tune of the music. There were constant screams from the crowd of “I love you!” and “Yes queen!” The whole band played their hearts out, and throughout the entire thing, Haynes never stopped smiling. She ended the show by jumping into the crowd to dance with all of her adoring fans, and it was epic.

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