Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/5): Sigmund, Tonik Ensemble, sxsxsx


The rapper $igmund played at Húrra this Saturday night at 8:00 PM. He stepped on stage as the beat dropped with little acknowledgment to the small audience that was there. He was timid and almost shy as he rapped his first song. His voice, along with his partner on img_8329stage (who was never introduced) was quiet and drowned out by the back up vocals. The beats stayed consistent but somewhat uninteresting as the energy spiked as a few more people gathered to listen. His partner stood in the same spot most of the show and constantly looked around as if he didn’t know what to do next. The crowd slowly dissipated, and their energy level dropped again. It was almost as if the lack of audience intimidated them, and it let them affect their performance. $igmund made attempts to hype up the crowd, but his only high-energy performance was for the camera man, not the audience. Overall, $igmund’s performance at Airwaves was not his best, but potential is there.

Tonik Ensemble

Tonik Ensemble played at Harpa Silfurberg at 9:00 PM. A composer and producer, Tonik img_8338played with electronic sounds and live instruments on stage. His dreamy, light, crisp sounds made for a calm and interesting concert. The vocalist added a beautiful tone to the tracks. The background screen was projecting images of a sonogram, astronauts and a space perspective of the earth, adding to their ominous, thought provocative music. The electric guitar player, DJ, and the vocalist all had a great dynamic between them, calmly looking at each other for cues. They were very well-rehearsed, and their sound filled up
Harpa Silfurberg almost immediately. The audience enjoyed the show, and it seemed like Tonik Ensemble did as well. They made for a wonderful concert for the second half of Airwaves this year.


sxsxsx played at 11:20 PM at Valshöllin Upstairs tonight, and they killed it. sxsxsx is a producer duo, Helgi & Björn from Reykjavík that makes fun hip-hop party mixes. They have been gaining popularity doing shows throughout Iceland.  Collaborating with popular pop artist Milkywale, they all performed “Up Down” featuring Milkywhale with tonight. Their fun and grooving beats went well with the cool light show while the young crowd danced and swayed. Most of their well-produced songs, except “Up Down,” had no vocals, and the two guys jammed along with the crowd, getting everyone pumped and lost in the music. Their music isn’t just like any other producer group, their mixes are unique and interesting, which was definitely shown in this concert. After the last song played, the duo came off stage and talked with the audience waiting for the next show to start. They crowd loved them, and they loved the crowd, making for a successful concert at Airwaves 2016.

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