Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/4): Árstiòir, Warpaint, Santigold

Árstiòir played at 8:00pm in the Fríkirkjan Church. They are a classical indie-folk rock group that perform is areas like abandoned coal mines and train stations and, of course, churches, making their live performances and sound mesmerizing and haunting. They mix acoustics with electronic sounds with all four members’ diverse education backgrounds, including literature and engineering. The church was packed with people sitting in the aisles and in between pews. The band had a simple set up with soft pink lighting in back. They started by playing three newer songs and even got a few screams from the crowd, to their surprise, when they announced that they were playing their song, “You Again.” Pianist, Ragnar Ólafsson, took time in between songs to tell why performing at this venue meant so much to the band- they’ve been playing annual Christmas concerts there since 2008. During the set, the church was still and silent until the very end. Everyone gave the four a long standing ovation. 


Warpaint is an all-girl indie rock band from California. The band started in 2009, now having four albums including their recently released album Heads Up. They played an hour-long set at Harpa Silferburg at 10:30pm. The show consisted mostly of dim lighting with a cool, carefree vibe. They played from their new album, including “The Stall.” Once the pace picked up with “Love Is to Die” and “New Song,” the crowd started moving a bit more and went wild when they closed with an energetic performance of “Disco//very,” off of their 2013 self-titled album. With their great sound and chill feel, they kept the venue full the entire time. 


Originally scheduled to perform at 11:50pm, Santigold was pushed back until 1:20am at Harpa Silferburg. Considering the crowd’s reactions during the show, it was worth the wait. Santigold is an American artist with three albums, Santigold (2008), Master of My Make-Believe (2012) and 99 Cents (2016). She mixes elements of reggae, electronic, punk and indie rock to create her sound. Her set was decorated with inflatable chairs and had backdrops of dollar store food and advertisements to go along with her 99 Cents theme. During costume changes, parody commercials would play on the screen to fill the time and keep everyone entertained. She joined her two backup dancers and danced with props like shopping carts and selfie sticks. She took time to talk to and high-five her fans and even invited a good 20 of them to climb over the barricade and party with her on stage. Security wasn’t too thrilled with this idea, but the crowd ate it up. She paused to announce that this was her first time in Iceland and that she spent her day going on tours and falling in love with the country. “Takk! That’s how you say it, right?” Her setlist included “Disparate Youth,” “Banshee,” “Chasing Shadows” and “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself,” which had the audience jumping around and screaming her lyrics from beginning to end. 


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