Iceland Airwaves Live Review (11/4): The Hearing, Lake Street Dive, Mike Hunt

The Hearing


All The Hearing had consisted of was a girl with her mic and mixing equipment. This one woman act shown her skills of doing things right there on stage with some of her mixed sounds. This had been her first time in Iceland, and her third show since her release of her new album back in April, playing new songs from it calls “Straight Key” and “Too Happy”. As well as played some old songs called “Rehersal” and “Backwards.” The singers soothing vocals surrounded NASA. She stood center stage with all lights and eyes on her. Having almost missed the fact she had performed shoeless the whole time from her equipment hiding her feet. Though her albums are good, they didn’t do her any justice as her live performance did.

Lake Street Dive

American band, Lake Street Dive, could not have had a more loud and outstanding performance. The energy they had coming off each other wasn’t something that could be experienced in any recording of a song. Everyone on stage had been seen dancing along at one point or another with their set, including their single “Side Pony.” Lead singer, Rachelle Price, had vocals that stuck up the crowd. Having made sure to explain what some songs had been about, and making each member known for who wrote what as well. They even did a cover of this hit Jackson 5 song “I want you back.” They demonstrated their playing versatility throughout the set by switching from guitar to trumpet, or dual-ship of playing drums and tamborine. The solos that were played by the drummer and bassist was an unlikely pair because the bass was a cello. Yet the combination on stage grouped beautifully with their ’60s-jazz twist.

Mike Hunt


He started late due to the previous artists set running long, and set up taking extra time. But not only that Mike Hunt‘s show had started off slow. The beats he played started off sounding like alien noises, not to mention it was hard to tell when he even really started because their had been no crowd interaction from him. His set started off as just him with a guest coming in for vocals, but the combination didn’t seem fitting or interesting as the performance wasn’t as engaging. The beats didn’t keep people in and created an almost empty house. But once he started solo playing the beats turned into house style music, keeping to a certain metronome. Played on the wall behind him was a trippy video with lights moving which went along with his house style music. Due to his late start he played longer than originally scheduled which made up for his late start time. But with how it all started, most people had left in the beginning.

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