Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/4): AVÓKA, Grúska Babúska, Lord Pusswhip


Avóka played tonight at Idnó to a small crowd. From the way Avóka performed on stage, it’s clear that each band member puts his or her heart and soul into the music. Front woman Birna María Yngri wooed the crowd with her sultry voice, reminiscent of Corinne Bailey Rae and Eryn Allen Kane. Her smooth vocal styling was a nice contrast to the instrument-heavy arrangements.


Although Avóka’s sound wasn’t revolutionary, the most interesting parts of their music came from the piano-organ and saxophone players in the band, who added texture where the arrangements fell flat. While Avóka didn’t stun the audience with creative and original material, they were able to engage the audience through a nice performance.

Grúska Babúska

Grúska Babúska’s music is a three-piece all female band whose creativity has no limits. They played a memorable show tonight at Idnó. With an eclectic mix of minimalist melodies and sensual synths, developed by a violin, melodica, glockenspiel, flute, music box and drums, their music lulled the audience into a modern-day fairytale.

Grúska Babúska’s used a variety of ridiculous instruments that added a lot of diverse genres into their music. The melodica contained gypsy-jazz elements, the heavy percussion added afro-centric rhythms, and the synth set an electronic foundation. Grúska Babúska played a brand new song titled “Princess?” off their next album, which will be released in May 2017. “Princess?” showcased what Grúska Babúska does best; mixing genres, styles, and unusual instruments to create vibrant soundscapes.


The members of Grúska Babúska don’t take themselves too seriously on stage. With their sparkly tops, wrapped up hair and red circles painted on their cheeks, Grúska Babúska is all about having a good time.

Grúska Babúska plays at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at Barr 11.

Lord Pusswhip

The 22-year old producer and rapper is at the front of the Icelandic underground hip-hop scene. Having produced and played overseas with big names in the underground rap world, Lord Pusswhip has built significant credibility for himself. His debut album LORD PUSSWHIP IS WACK was nominated for album of the year in Iceland in 2015.

Lord Pusswhip played tonight at Húrra for a huge crowd of fans. Although he may be significant in the underground rap world, his music doesn’t appeal to the average listener. However, his performance tonight perfectly sets the scene for a Friday night party, which is exactly what his audience came to do.


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