Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/3): The Ills, Mammút, GO DARK

The Ills played at 8:40pm in Húrra. They are a post-rock experimental instrumental band from Slovakia. Consisting of four members, guitarists Martin Krajčír and Miro Luky, drummer Ľuboš Hodás, and bassist Peter Berák. Their sound has elements of math-rock and prog-rock with a punk and hardcore vibe. They currently have four full-lengths and two EPs. The Ills started with a packed room and ended with a packed room. They immediately had the crowd head banging, whistling, yelling and cheering from the very first note. Although each member was more than focused on their own instruments, the equal amounts of intense energy brought the band together and filled the room with 45 minutes of loud, clear instrumental music. They stopped occasionally to talk to the audience  and dedicated their one slower song to their late friend who passed away in his favorite place on Earth – Reykjavík, Iceland. Their last song ended with handing one of the guitars to a member of the crowd to let them try their own hand at playing. The Ills were more than grateful to be playing at Iceland Airwaves 2016 and made their appreciation for the audience obvious.


Mammút played a 30 minute set at 11:20pm in the Reykjavík Art Museum. They are a five-piece post-punk, indiepop, psychedelic rock band from Iceland. They have three full-length albums, and English-translated EP and a new full-length English album expected to drop in spring 2017. The entire band was coordinated in all black with lead singer, Kata Mogensen, dancing and singing her heart out in the center if the stage. The other members didn’t just stand there and play their instruments- they were also dancing along and gave so much energy to the stage. The museum was completely full, with dedicated fans who arrived early and sang along to every song. Along with bright and colorful, flashing lights, Mammút’s backdrop graphics were eye catching and added even more to their stage presence and production. Most of the band’s music is in Icelandic, but for tonight’s show, they sang in English. The sound was great and Mogensen’s eery vocals were easy to hear. 


GO DARK, was set scheduled to play at 12:20am at Gaukurinn, but due to electrical problems, the set was held off for a good 20 minutes. They are a U.S. experimental punk rock electronic duo with two EPs, Brightwild and BitchSword. The stage was decorated with life sized cardboard cutouts of neon people and animals. Everything glowed in the dark, from the mic tape to the female singer’s nail polish, hence the name GO DARK. Unfortunately, the microphones weren’t working for the first five minutes of their set, but that didn’t stop them from giving their all. The duo were yelling the lyrics, jumping around, reaching over the barricade to dance with the crowd and even climbing on top of speakers and crawling on the floor of the pit. The audience was at first antsy and disappointed after having to wait an extra 20 minutes for them to get started, but the duo’s energy and creativity definitely turned things around. Especially with their song “Scream@work”, which really had the crowd moving. 


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