Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/3): Mani Orrason, Margaret Glaspy, Jesse Mac Cormack


At just 18-years old, Mani Orrason has already released his first album, Repeating Patterns, back in April of 2015. More recently, he released an EP entitled Wake Me Up, which includes four new songs. Orrason’s music is folk, which matches perfectly with his gravelly vocals. His first single, “Fed All My Days” was released in Iceland in the fall of 2014, and shot straight to the top of the National radio chart. Orrason performed at the Reykjavík Art Museum at 19:20. The cool, laid back atmosphere of the venue meshed perfectly with Orrason’s youthful vibe. He performed with a ton of emotion and passion, and the crowd loved every bit of it. He closed the night with his first single “Fed All My Days” and the crowd was completely captured by him.


Margaret Glaspy combines her strong and sweet vocals with a sort of twang-y pop sound. She had a background in both the competitive fiddle and the marching band trombone. Her influences include Bill Withers, Elliott Smith, Weezer, and Rage Against the Machine. Glaspy attended Berklee College of Music for one semester, because she couldn’t afford the second semester. She says that she would sneak into master classes and workshops, which forced her to write music in a more serious matter. This was Glaspy’s first time in Iceland and at Airwaves, which was far from obvious as the Reykjavík Art Museum was packed for her 22:10 show. The crowd was captured by her strong vocals and cool-girl persona. She played lead guitar and sang her heart out, and the crowd absolutely ate it up. To close the show Glaspy played “Somebody To Anybody” off her album You and I with just her guitar and killer vocals, and everyone erupted in cheers. The humble singer took a bow before exiting the stage, as the crowd continued to cheer her on long after she had gone.


Jesse Mac Cormack combines soul with hints of electronica. His vocals are moody, and create a calm vibe. His first EP entitled Music for the Soul featured his first single, “Story Board.” The band is made up of members Jesse Mac Cormack, Éttienne Dupré, David Dupaul, and Francis Ledoux. The band originates from Canada, and this was their first time playing Iceland Airwaves. Cormak was nothing less than electric at his 23:30 show at Iðnó. The old, antique-y venue was perfect for the band’s cool, hipster-dude vibe. A few minutes into the show, Cormack stopped to explain how on their way here, the band’s instruments had been shipped to Morocco, and they almost had to get replacements for that night’s show. The group of four guys had such great stage chemistry, making it obvious they loved being there and performing for a crowd. The show was so loud that the building started shaking, but no one noticed because everyone was too busy dancing and rocking out to the killer band in front of them. After they finished their final song, the crowd went crazy with screams and applause, and the bandmates each gave each other high fives and hugs to celebrate a show well done.

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