Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/3): JFDR, Aron Can, Ulfur Ulfur


Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR) started her show with a slow build with her band, including img_8033hidden behind her in the fog at the Reykjavík Art Museum at 8:10 pm. Her blend of “soft minimal soundscapes” and “cyclical guitar parts” make up calming and
introspective music that is a musical journey. Her soft vocals radiated quietly as the stage lights lit up the crowd. Throughout the show, there were technical difficulties, but that did not throw the band off. They rolled with the punches, fixed the problem, and kept playing. Her sound floated through the air as she plucked the electric guitar and DJ’d, making the performance dynamic and interesting. Everyone couldn’t help but be entranced. They played a “country” song (although it was very different from American country), that was about, as she said, “those who are afraid of falling in love,” a beautiful touch to the concert. She played her last song “White Sun” released today. Her show was wonderful to say the least.

Aron Can

img_8075Aron Can is a 16-year-old R&B, hip-hop artist with slow and enticing beats that are perfect for the late night party. He could be compared to the American artist The Weeknd. He played at Nasa at 10:30 pm tonight – his first show at Airwaves. During the first set, there was a technical malfunction with the speakers which had the tech crew working for about five minutes until it was solved. Then, the show was back with even more energy. Can put out intimate hip-hip vibes while getting the crowd pumped the minute he set foot on stage – screaming teenagers reaching for his hand. The crowd sang along with him as he jumped up and down to the deep beats. Plus, he wore sunglasses the whole time. His DJ kept in the back, with not much engagement with the audience, but Can stole the audience’s hearts. His plain white teeshirt and slicked back bun pulled all of the eyes in the audience to him.

Úlfur Úlfur

 Úlfur Úlfur, meaning Wolf Wolf, is a rap duo that lives up to their name. Their challenginimg_8097g lyrics and intense beats got the crowd riled up for life, getting everyone ready to take on the world. They played at Nasa at 12:30 tonight with energy, angst, and always danceable. They opened the show by preaching to the crowd in Icelandic, hyping the audience until the only thing they could do was scream and jump to the beat. Their beats and melodies spoke to the rebellion that they are starting in young crowds. Their show was dynamic, energetic, and crazy fun. The beat pounded through Nasa. The two played off of their energy and then interacted with the crowd so powerfully that it was hard to look away. Ùlfur Ùlfur killed it and no one walked out disappointed tonight.

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