Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/3): Dr.Spock, Nap Eyes, Pink Street Boys


Dr. Spock had came onto the stage with the most interesting of outfits. One came out with a rubber glove on one hand with a cowboy hat, tight sparkly purple shirt and a rainbow jacket. The other singer hand came out with a ski mask on an a cheetah scarf. But the looks of the band was deceiving, the song Dr.Spock played were intese and hard. The vocals ther were played had been over powered by the strong guitar and intense drumming. Both singers had gotten extremely into the set. Having involved the crowd, and even taking a moment to hug in-between a song. The played their song “Doctor Pacient Relationship” and the intensity of the show increased as the the set progressed. When made sense why the drummer and bassist had started the set shirtless because the sweat on their bodies enhanced the intensity of their performance. The crowd did not seemed displeased with the set in anyway, having created a giant mosh pit within the small space of Hurra. They ended the show with the every dramatic mic drops. 

Nap Eyes


Nap Eyes set was relaxed and something that would be listened to on a relaxing night. But even though their music wasn’t as energetic as most they played an interesting set. With the drummer having had a cast on his arm but still being able to keep with the rhythm of the song. The guitarist was what caught the crowds at during the set because of his amazing playing. The way he moved around and got into the playing showed his intensity for playing, that and the fact that he’d broken one of the guitar stings. Even though the music they played was more of a chill vibe, the chance to see them play and watching the effort the guitars puts into playing makes the show worth it.

Pink Street Boys


The fierce rock garage band, Pink Street Boys, keeps up with their reputation of being the loudest band in Iceland with their extreme sound coming from their drums and guitar. The frontman helped add slight maracas and tambourine but that hadn’t even been what they were all about. Unfortunately the words sung weren’t easy to make out, partly because of how loud they were playing but also by the venue. Even though they hadn’t been as involved with the crowd during their performance, it didn’t seem to bother anyone because they cared more about the sound than what they had to say. Strobe lighting had rocked well with their fierce sound and intensified their sound. This is one band that would be highly recommended to have ear plugs to, along with a prepared mindset for the extreme mashing that comes with such an intense band.

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