Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/2): Cryptochrome, Ambátt, Útidúr

Cryptochrome is a multiple genre-blending alternative band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Led by Anglo-German rapper and producer, Anik, their music is a mix of pop, electronic, dreamy folk and hip-hop. They currently have two albums, Cryptochome (2013) and More Human (November 2016)The group performed 8:30 to 9pm at Húrra. The show started off with dimly lit lights, the DJ in the background and the singer, Una, softly singing with her hood up. Once she took off her jacket, the music picked up and rapper, Anik, joined the stage. The lights came on and the room was suddenly energized with their song “clappo.” Towards the middle of their set, they slowed things down with “from this angle” and talked to the audience about their video a month they have been doing over the year on their YouTube channel. The chemistry between the members on stage was obvious and fun-loving, and since it was a pretty small venue, this really helped them communicate and connect with the audience. They ended by yelling, “get ready to put on your dancing shoes!,” which had the audience jumping around and dancing to the music. 


Ambátt is a collaboration between artists, Pan Thorarensen, and Þorkell Atlason. Formerly know as Beatmakkin Troopa, the band has released “If you fall you fly,” a critically acclaimed EP back in 2012. The band will release a new album called Flugufen on November 1st, 2016. They played Iðnó at 10:30pm and kicked off their set with slow instrumental music, which eventually became faster paced with louder bass and shook the walls of the venue. The stage set up was a bit strange since there was a microphone in the center with no singer for the first half hour of the performance. Although the crowd seemed to enjoy the instrumental music, when the singer came on stage for an eerie ending with powerful vocals, it got the crowd much more excited and got the band a well-deserved couple minutes of applause and cheers. 


Útidúr played at Iðnó at 12:20am. They are a nine person chamber-pop band from Iceland. The band includes multiple instruments from violins to accordions and have a similar vibe to Beirut and a similar stage presence to The Lumineers. At first, the venue was pretty empty, but by the band’s second song, it was packed full. They started with a simple guitar solo, slowly adding in more instruments. While on stage, the band members had great communication between each other, considering the lead singer, Gunnar Örn, admitted that he “fucked up the set list,” turned around, laughed and asked the rest of the band what they wanted to play. A majority of the set was soothing music along with slow, haunting vocals, especially during their song “Vultures,” which seemed to really captivate the audience. They closed the show with an energetic performance “Morbid Pleasure” from their newest album, BILA-ST.ÆÐIN.


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