Iceland Airwaves 2016 Live Review (11/2): One Week Wonder, Kiriyama Family, Dizzee Rascal

One Week Wonder


Normally just three members in the band but at the performance of One Week Wonder, brought out separate bassist and guitarists. The strong bass sounds sounds brought the music to life. They had the whole room shaking with the strong sounds, especially from the drums. Not only did they bring their music to life in sound but in performance. The passion showed in every note and through the lights that helped set the mood for each song. Though they had stayed in the same areas the entire performance the way they moved together with the music brought them together in a whole different way – having only interacted with the crowd between breaks to add humor, which helped break the engrossed focus they had for playing. Songs varied from English to Icelandic, even playing their song “Mars” that had been released as their first music video in June of this year. Their indie, vintage sound had shined bright in their passionate performance, as well as their strong, loud, and captivating sound.

Kiriyama Family


The twist Kiriyama Family puts onto electronic pop music came out in their live show. Hearing the drums and seeing them on stage with their electronic equipment interacts well with the sound it produces. Not only that but the way they played together in unison, brought the sound together. The voice of their lead singer was strong and hearing it live gave it an even stronger presence than when it’s recorded. Their live performance shows how truly versatile each member is in playing another instrument, which couldn’t be captured on a recording. Performance wise they brought on a lot of energy, each dancing in unison with what they are playing and facial expressions that match the intimacy of their playing. Even had the lights dancing along with the beat of every song, giving it that extra element in how strong their sound is. A few of the songs they played were “Light Years Away,” “Chemistry” and a brand new one that they haven’t released yet called “Push Further,” which went even more deeply into their electronic style than most of the other songs.

Dizzee Rascal


Not a single person wasn’t jumping when Dizzee Rascal played one of his hit songs “Holiday” and “Bassline Junkie“. The UK hip-hop artist’s performance was one that not only he got very into but so did the crowd. Both vibing off each other to having created this extremely energetic concert. Performing along with DJ MK, and making sure the bass was turned up to where it could have been felt throughout the room. Having the lights strobing and flashing everywhere coincided with his performance, generating even more hype towards the music. Dizzee Rascal was a major crowd pleaser, he even reached out into the crowd to shake a group of ladies’ hands, as well as to even dedicate a song to all the Icelandic women. The performance he had given rightfully closed out Iceland Airwaves day one.

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