Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog Day Two (11/1): AMBER ALERT. Lost Recorder & Other News


AMBER ALERT: Lost Olympus audio recorder.

LAST SEEN: The red couches on the first floor of the Oddi Building at the University of Iceland.

After a great morning interviewing Professor Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson and Professor Ólafur Harðarson at the University of Iceland, my heart sunk into the deepest pit of my chest. I stopped for a quick bite to eat at Joe & the Juice on Laugavegur. As I scarfed down a turkey sandwich, I studied my “Iceland Bible” and prepared for my interview with marine biologist Þorvaldur Gunnlaugsson. I was all fueled up and ready to go…  then it happened. I checked my backpack one last time to make sure I had everything I needed for interview… then, sure enough, I reached into my backpack, and there was a large gaping hole where my audio recorder should have been.

I tried to tell myself “don’t panic,” but I wasn’t living in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I was living in Dante’s Inferno. I raced back to our hotel, but my recorder wasn’t there. It was 10 minutes until my interview, so I did the only rational thing I could think to do. I called the one number reserved for emergencies only… our professor Althea Legaspi’s cell phone. Luckily, she was able to hook me up with her own recorder so I could finish my interview. Unfortunately, I had to cut her five mile run short. Sometimes life just doesn’t work out.

Hey, don’t lose faith! There is good news. I still have the recordings from both of my morning interviews (good thing Althea told us in class to always back every interview up), and I was able to finish up both the interviews I had this afternoon. I’ll be using the interviews to produce two stories. The first is a story on the Icelandic whaling industry. In it, I will be discussing the pros and cons of the whaling industry in relation to the whale watching industry. It will feature interviews with Gunnlaugsson and Elding’s head researcher Megan Whittaker.

For my second and final story, I will be discussing the implications of the Icelandic multi-party system. In Iceland, Parliament is elected based on a system of proportional representation. This means that since 15.9 percent of voters supported the Left-Green Movement, the Left-Green Movement was given 15.9 percent of Parliament’s seats.  In America, our multi-party system is not pronounced, but it does exist.

I had the privilege of talking to Gissurarson and Harðarson who are both professors of political science at the University of Iceland. They shared their political beliefs with me, and together, we started to analyze Iceland’s 2016 parliamentary election. Then, I headed over to Harpa for an interview with parliamentary candidate Andri Þór Sturluson who ran with the Pirate Party. He had some interesting things to say about Iceland’s own election as well as our own. Listen below:

Before hitting the voting booth on November 8th, I’ll be taking a second, third, and fourth look at every party in our election. I’ll also still be looking for my recorder. Years from now, it will be the ghost of Iceland past.

About Erika June Smith

Hey all! My name is Erika Smith, and I enjoy art exhibits and feminism. I'm studying television writing/producing at Columbia College Chicago, and I have an internship with The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS. Do you need a birthday cake that you'll never forget? I'm also a level one Wilton cake decorator, and I've been known to create cakes that vaguely resemble Van Gogh paintings. Top that, Buddy Valastro.
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