Iceland Airwaves Culture Preview: Icelandic Pools And Visitor Tips (LISTEN)

We’ve arrived in Iceland to cover Iceland Airwaves Music Festival and other cultural stories! Follow along on our adventures via our Iceland 2016 daily blog and hear an Icelandic cultural preview interview below.

Iceland is home to over 100 swimming pools, most of which are outdoors and naturally heated. Some of the first pools date back to the 1920s, when bathing in thermal baths became routine. With over 1.6 million tourists expected to visit Iceland this year, their local swimming pools are a not-to-miss cultural experience. But as a place where many Icelanders go daily to relax and socialize, there are dos and don’ts that must be followed when visiting such a vital part of Iceland’s culture. From the Blue Lagoon to government-funded neighborhood pools, things like strict hygiene standards, booking requirements, and local usages are important for tourists to know before heading to Iceland. Jón Karl Helgason is the director of a work-in-progress documentary film on Icelandic pool culture called Sundlaugar á Íslandiand Atli Sigurður Kristjánsson is a project manager of marketing at the Blue Lagoon. They share their local and first-hand perspectives on Iceland’s pools in this story.

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Columbia College Chicago Cultural Studies and Multimedia Photojournalism student. Editorial Intern at Chicago-based travel media company OneGlobe Citizen.
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