Iceland Airwaves Interview: One Week Wonder (LISTEN)

Meet One Week Wonder, an Icelandic trio who came together as a band in 2014. With keyboardist Árni Guðjónsson and Magnús Benedikt Sigurðsson, as well as Helgi Kristjánsson on drums. One Week Wonder has a unique style in music, with a vintage twist on a seventies dream pop. Having realeaced their first music video for their song “Mars” in June of this year.

Adding to their unique style they also recorded their music a little bit differently. They recorded it on tape rather they the digital method. Keyboardist Árni Guðjónsson says how he feels about the more natural way of recording with tape.

Magnús Benedikt Sigurðsson also plays keyboard for One Week Wonder. He says that it proposed a challenge while recording, leaving them less room for mistakes. But even with this challenge Guðjónsson says the group prepared before recording in the studio.

Last June they released their first music video for their song “Mars.” The music video started in a library but ended up with a trip into space. Sigurðsson was the writer of the song. Guðjónsson explains the music video’s themes.

As for One Week Wonder’s name, they created it based on a different way that they were going to release their music. Guðjónsson says they wanted to release a new song each week.

Currently One Week Wonder has five tracks ready to release for an EP, which Guðjónsson  says they’ll be sharing in November.

One Week Wonder performs at Iceland Airwaves Wednesday November 2nd at Gamla Bio starting at 8:00pm and Sunday November 6th at Gaukurinn starting at 8:30 pm.

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