Iceland Cultural Story: Protesting Rape Culture Through Social Media (LISTEN)

We’re headed cover Iceland Airwaves Music Festival and other cultural stories beginning Sunday, 10/30! Follow along on our adventures via our Iceland Airwaves 2016 daily blog and hear an Icelandic cultural preview interview below.

One in every six American women has been the victim of sexual assault in her lifetime. On October 7th, The Washington Post released an audio tape wherein presidential candidate Donald Trump made vulgar comments regarding his treatment of women. When Trump defended his language as “locker room talk,” he sparked a larger conversation about rape culture in America. Over one million women have shared their stories of sexual assault on Twitter. In Iceland and America, social media has become a valuable tool in fighting rape culture internationally. It has inspired hashtags such as #BrockTurnerIsARapist, #TrumpTapes, #NotOkay, and #OutLoud.

Sigga Dögg is the author of Kjaftað Um Kynlíf Við Börn Og Unglinga or Talking About Sex with Children and Adolescents. She holds a master’s degree in Sexology, and she has taught sex education classes for teenagers across Iceland. Additionally, Sigga Dögg runs a blog designed to transform the way Icelanders view sex by encouraging curiosity-fueled discussions.

Edda Ýr Garðarsdóttir started the #Outloud campaign in Iceland. Participants were asked to change their Facebook profile pictures to either an orange or a yellow face, indicating if they or someone they knew had been sexually abused. It drew thousands of participants and made visible Iceland’s ongoing problem with sexual assault.

Both women discussed social media movements’ power to encourage positive change.


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