Iceland Airwaves Culture Preview: Icelandic Radio (LISTEN)

We’re headed to Iceland Airwaves Music Festival on Sunday, 10/30 to cover the fest and cultural stories! Follow along on our adventures via our Iceland 2016 daily blog and hear an preview cultural interview below.

For a nation eight times smaller than the population of Chicago, Iceland has a disproportionate impact on music around the world. Home to beloved indie bands Sigur Rós, Of Monsters and Men, and Björk, it would be hard to find a cultural center Iceland’s musical influence hasn’t reached. In a tight-knit community significantly smaller than the US, it’s simpler for Icelandic bands to rise up from the crowd, but not without the help of local radio. The two work together, as artists reach out to stations and stations search for artists, to cultivate a thriving music scene for aspiring musicians.

RÚV contributor and music critic Arnar Eggert weighs in on the impact of Icelandic radio on local music, and how they work with the Iceland Airwaves music festival to uplift the scene.

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