Iceland Airwaves Preview: GKR (WATCH)

What does breakfast food have to do with living life to the fullest? Icelandic rapper GKR has an answer. GKR’s hit single “Morgunmatur” is Icelandic for “Breakfast.” It’s all about waking up in the morning, having your breakfast and just doing your thing. GKR just happens to say that while rapping to a sick beat.  With the success of “Morgunmatur” as well as his songs  “Ballin” and “Hello,” GKR was named Reykjavík Grapevine’s “Artist to Watch” 2016. Like all of his music, his most recent single “Tala Um” is also filled with heart. It discusses the expectations people have from the success of “Morgunmatur”and GKR’s big plans moving forward. He hopes to expand his empire, so he can connect with more and more people who listen to his music as a release.

You can turn it up live with GKR at Iceland Airwaves on Wednesday at Valshöllin at 8:50pm and on Friday at Húrra Albumm at 11:20pm.

About Erika June Smith

Hey all! My name is Erika Smith, and I enjoy art exhibits and feminism. I'm studying television writing/producing at Columbia College Chicago, and I have an internship with The Whitney Reynolds Show on PBS. Do you need a birthday cake that you'll never forget? I'm also a level one Wilton cake decorator, and I've been known to create cakes that vaguely resemble Van Gogh paintings. Top that, Buddy Valastro.
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