Listen In Full To Our Iceland Airwaves 2015 Radio Documentary

In case you missed the live broadcast over the weekend, listen to the full Iceland Airwaves 2015 radio documentary below.

It features the following stories (in order of their appearance in the documentary):

Benedict Jones explores the Reykjavík street art scene, Laura Kondourajian looks into Reykjavik’s architecture, Katie Gwen finds out about Paganism, Shannon Elder elaborates on the differences between divorce in Iceland and the U.S., Meg Caldwell spoke to women in Iceland about gender violence, Benedict Jones takes us through the evolution of Women’s rights in Iceland, Andrianna Bozovic spoke to the LGBT association Samtokin, Katie Gwen looks into the reemergence of Magical Staves and Mercedes Nixon-Palmer spoke to three Icelanders about the Syrian refugee crisis.

We also covered music from Arstidir, Lucy in Blue, Axel Flovent, Ulfur Ulfur, Cheddy Carter, Dream Wife, Soley, speak to Reykjavík record shop and label 12 Tónar co-owner Johannes Agustsson about Iceland’s growing hip-hop scene, find out the background on hákarl, and more.

We would like to thank Iceland Airwaves, Columbia College Chicago, WCRX FM and all of the staff and students that helped us on this trip.

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