Tune in for our Iceland Airwaves 2015 Radio Documentary TOMORROW and SUNDAY

Stay tuned for our Iceland Airwaves 2015 final radio documentary, which will air at noon CT on Saturday, January 9th and check out the encore presentation on Sunday, January 10th at 7 p.m. CT on WCRX-FM 88.1 in Chicago (live stream here). While you wait, listen to our promo below. Check out previews, reviews and more on our Iceland Airwaves 2015 home page.

Last month, the Covering International Festivals: Iceland class of 2015 flew to Reykjavík, Iceland to explore the city and dive into the music and culture of the beautiful Nordic island. Now that we’re back, we have an hour long documentary full of stories to share. After checking out bands like Dream Wife and Úlfur Úlfur, the seven of us are well-acquainted with Icelandic music. But it’s not all about the music. We interviewed some incredible people about topics we found most interesting, things like architecture, Paganism, Magical Staves, violence against women, Feminism, LGBTQA+ rights, and the Syrian Refugee Crisis. The documentary will showcase the reports of Andriana BozovicMeg CaldwellLaura KondourajianShannon ElderBenedict Jones, Katie Gwen, and myself!


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