Iceland Airwaves Day Six (11/9): A Look Back


It seems like a week went by really quickly. Iceland was just as wonderful as I thought it to be, an intersection between a small unique culture and Europe. It’s wonderful how you can get to know a place in so little time.

Iceland Airwaves always happens around the week of my birthday, and I have been wanting to go for a few years now. I’m really happy that I finally made that a reality. The music was phenomenal, it was crazy to be able to experience so many different kinds of musicians at once. So many bands I had never heard of a few months ago are now some of my favorites. It’s a festival I won’t forget with so many different venues sprinkled around the city. It may honestly be some of the best performances I’ve attended, from Mirel Wagner at Fríkirkjan, Retro Stefson at NASA, and Lucy in Blue at Gaukurinn.

I ate an Icelandic hot dog. I ate more weird meat than I ever thought I would, between kangaroo, whale, puffin and fermented shark. I ate delicious seafood, finally got a burger from the place on Burgerjoint road, and tried a variety of the local beer.

Iceland is mystical, it’s magic. Standing on the fire escape of a bar I saw the Northern Lights dance across the sky. I stood in the mist of one of the largest, most majestic waterfalls I have yet to see. I saw expansive countryside, some of the largest in Europe. Lava fields spread all over, covered in moss, housing the gnomes, the fairies, the trolls. I saw its beauty in both the day and the night, feeling the vastness and the insignificance and the beauty.

I always seem to find myself in places that I don’t recognize. I always seem to learn more about myself when I can meet people along the street that are unforgettable. This trip was an experience. Iceland was an experience. These moments are what living is all about.

I want to thank Icelandair Hotels Reykjavik Marina for giving us a place to work. I want to thank the amazing people who took time out of their day to sit and talk with me: René Biasone, Sigrun Juliusdottir, Hlynur Jónsson and Örn Þór Halldórsson. I want to thank Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. I want to thank Althea for all of her hard work, and I want to thank the other six hilarious people that went on this trip with me. It’s been wonderful.

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