Iceland Airwaves Day Five: Daily Blog, Northern Lights and Goodbyes.


For the last full day in Iceland it was a day of hard graft to prepare for the documentary. It was great hearing my interviews from the other day and put a script draft together.

The weather today was beautiful, there literally wasn’t a cloud in the sky in the morning making some truly amazing photos. The city was also a little colder which meant the pavements were very slippy.

In the evening it was time the final dinner and it was Tapas. The meal featured seven courses from whale to trout and even some kangaroo which was described by one member of the group as ‘dope’.

After this Mercedes, Shannon, Andriana and I went on the bus into the countryside in a north western direction. It was very cold but we had lots of fun seeing beautiful scenery and embracing the incredible northern lights. Although a little cloudy we did still see the lights and it was amazing to do the breath taking experience.

This week in Iceland has been incredible. I’ve enjoyed returning not just to Iceland but also Europe for the week. I’d forgotten how much I missed Europe and how lovely Iceland is as a country. This visit was very different to my previous trip, firstly we saw music acts and we also spent much more time in the city as opposed to my previous trip in which I spent lots of time in the countryside.

It was incredible to see so many acts at the festival as you can see in my reviews! From some great Icelandic Hip-Hop to seeing UK Grime in the form of Skepta, JME and Plastician.

I just want to quickly thank all the people that I interviewed this week, they were all lovely people that proved why Scandinavian countries are so fondly thought of. Thanks also to Hotel Marina for having a nice lobby, to Centre Hotels for letting me have a good night sleep, Iceland Airwaves for providing a secure and well planned festival and to Althea for arranging the trip.

IMG_3645 IMG_3653 IMG_3664 IMG_3667

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