Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/7) GKR, Lord Pusswhip (REVIEW)


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GKR was a welcome sound tonight at Hurra, because it differed from the rest. His sound wasn’t straight hip-hop or rap, it was a blend of EDM, even pop, added along with amazing bars of his own creation. His style isn’t a singular genre, and it would show when one or two of the songs would be obviously rap by the way he spoke and the music in the background. Then all of a sudden his lyrics (even in Icelandic) took on a deeper and slower tone that emulated poetry in some aspects. All throughout, his emotions were key to the music. There were multiple

times when his lyrics would hasten and the music was quickened, which created a tense atmosphere in response. He would then bring it down and it would sound like the poetry mentioned above. The best part of his show was when he opened up his set, while the exact song itself cannot be found at this time, he opened up his act with the long opening credits of a movie to create anticipation. This already gave him a bit of an interesting edge.

Lord Pusswhip

IMG_2438ccc IMG_2425ccc

Lord Pusswhip opened up the set by standing behind a pull-down monitor, that played a trippy video that went along with the music supplied. This lasted for about two to three minutes. Then when Lord Pusswhip and his fellow (unnamed) rapper went on the stage, it was seen that Lord Pusswhip was barefoot, which took some people by surprise. The pair danced around on the stage, and halfway into the first song it started to become apparent who was carrying the weight for the show. The unnamed rapper who joined Lord Pusswhip seemed to steal away the show by only being able to lay down smoother bars that landed better than Lord Pusswhip’s. This unnamed rapper also was more involved with the crowd, constantly getting into the crowd, asking everyone how they were doing, and specific movements that showed his sincere interest in his act. Lord Pusswhip stayed on stage and didn’t interact with the crowd, his lyrics fell flat, and sounded less interesting even when the other rapper was saying the same exact thing. In the end, Lord Pusswhip might need a bit more practice in crowd engagement and performance skills.

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