Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/8): Shades of Reykjavík, Herra Hnetusmjör, Cell7 (REVIEW)

Today was a cheesy touristy day for sure. We headed off to the Blue Lagoon around 1pm. We spent the 45 minute bus ride in awe as we passed terrain we had never seen before. Moss covered rocks, quaint harbors, and jagged mountain peaks. Read more about today’s adventure here.

Check out the last night of band reviews at Iceland Airwaves 2015! It’s been an amazing ride!

Band #1: Shades of Reykjavík @ Húrra 10:30pm 


Hip hop was a staple at this years Airwaves festivals as Shades of Reykjavík dominated the stage at Húrra late Sunday tonight. An intimate venue provided the opportunity for festival goers and tourists alike to see the most hyped hip hop group in Iceland today. The rap group was formed in 2011. They’re a collective of rappers, producers and video directors who share similar interests in music, fashion, style and art.

Dressed in dark punk clothing and masks, Shades of Reykjavík wowed the crowd as they gave off an energy like no other Icelandic rap group before them. They provided a tattoo artist on stage that was offering tattoos to brave audience members.

Shades of Reykjavík’s visually demanding grayscale set was intricate as props of Icelandic crosses and magical staves made up the backdrop at Húrra. As mentioned earlier, they had a tattoo artists who was tattooing two bravo souls. Flashing lights and video backgrounds showcasing their previous shows added to the intensity of their sound and performance. Vocals were executed perfectly somehow as the group never stood still or sang from one stop. Their sound can be described as a mix between Mobb Deep and the fast paced rhythm of old school hip-hop.

Band #2: Herra Hnetusmjör @ Húrra 11:30pm 

Herra Hnetusmjör might be the most underrated Icelandic act at this years festival. With a nerdy demeanor and thick rimmed glasses, he demanded presence on stage. Flashing lights added to the party feeling as people began to dance uncontrollably. He played a total of eight gigs at this years festival and proved to be one of the most exciting acts in Icelandic hip-hop today.

As he took selfies with the crowd as he was rapping, the place was absolutely vibing to his unique sound of hip-hop, rap, and electronic with think bass and heavy drops. Húrra proved to be an intimate venue for Herra Hnetusmjör as he jumped into the crowd and rapped from the middle of the hoard. Herra Hnetusmjör’s style consisted of a well-executed fast paced flow of lyrics, head phrasing energy, and punchlines that were in Icelandic.

Band #3: Cell7 @ Húrra 12:20am 

Not many people get to say they saw an Icelandic rap artist perform in person let alone a female Icelandic rapper. Cell7 or, Ragna Kjartansdottir, jumped on stage at Húrra as the last act that performed late Sunday night.

Cell7 is a Filipino-Icelandic rapper, songwriter and sound engineer. Her stage performance was dynamic, hip-hop infused influences and energetic with mixing blends of old school hip-hop and new. Colorful blends of lighting and visual background clips showed the artistic side of her set and she was accompanied by a live DJ. The crowded show did not stop dancing, ever.

Cell7’s live performance lived up to the promises of being dynamic and energetic. She took the audience back to hip-hop’s golden era by showcasing DJ cuts and crowd anthems that were seemingly known by heart.

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