Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/8): Lucy In Blue, GKR, Axel Flóvent (REVIEW)

Lucy In Blue closed the evening at Gaukurinn after midnight tonight, coming on at 12:30 AM. A four piece Icelandic psychedelic rock band, Lucy In Blue had an absolutely phenomenal performance. They had a sound much like Pink Floyd and had the look of the 70’s. All of the members put everything into their music. Their faces said it all. They had huge smiles, their heads were always bobbing, and their long hair was everywhere. Their vibes were totally laid back, so groovy, so down to earth, so ready to jam. When it neared the end of the set, the crowd wasn’t ready for them to leave, and in Icelandic, they begged for an encore. It was a fantastic last show of the festival. 


GKR, an Icelandic rapper, played at Hurra at 9:40 PM. His outfit literally had his name written all over it, arriving in total style. Even though barely anything translated over into English, it didn’t need to. His rhythm was great, he was super interactive with the crowd and his voice sounded awesome. He was overall really enthusiastic and put on a good show.

Axel Flóvent, an Icelandic indie folk artist, played at Gaukurinn at 10:30 PM. He proved to be a very talented guitarist as well as vocalist. He ended the set by playing the song “December Traffic” solo on acoustic, and it was breathtaking. You could sense the emotion in his chords, it brought not only some of the audience members to tears, but he himself to tears.


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