Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/8): Himbrimi, Axel Flovent, and Lucy In Blue

The beauty of the Iceland countryside is remarkable. Seeing the landscapes unfold around me took me by surprise as for once in my life, I didn’t miss the city. After spending a relaxing day at Blue Lagoon and recharging internal batteries, it was time to get back to work. Once again, I found myself spending the night in my favorite venue in Iceland, Gaukurinn.


The night started off with new band to the Reykjavík music scene, Himbrimi. Through flawless fluidity and deep alto vocals, Margrét Rúnarsdóttir completely took over the venue with her ghostly presence. As her vocals rode the waves of the accompanying instruments, they flowed sweetly and melodically to the ear. The beauty of Rúnarsdóttir’s voice is one that demands attention. Birkir Rafn Gislason, on guitar, played escalating solos, demonstrating the old style of classic rock guitar. Against the classic guitar riffs, the bass echoed heavily, hitting high notes that contrasted the voice of Rúnarsdóttir kindly. Hálfdán Árnason’s ability to keep a steady foundation for the band and play its own rhythmic tones throughout each song. The only complaint against their live instrumentation would be the overpowering drums.

Aside from instrumentation, there were many positive aspects to the songs they played. Having the skill to start soft and become heavy in music is typically a dawning contrast and worked well for Himbrimi. Within this change of sound, the audio attracted ears as it created a journey through musical expression.


The second night of the band was Axel Flóvent. With not the most original voice, Flóvent falls on the trend of singer-songwriters. Even as he imitated the popular folky style of singing, there was something different about Flóvent’s performance. With strong energy, he was able to win over the crowd. Starting off powerfully, Flóvent had the energy to connect with his audience on a person level. Personality and dedication to his music are two of the biggest strengths that Axel Flóvent offers to his audience. The music he’s created has a very dreamy folk feel to it. Rather than it just being plain folk or pop, he mixes the two into an alternative sound. All together, his performance went well.


One of the best acts over the whole entire weekend ended the Iceland Airwaves festival. The boys of Lucy In Blue are all young to the music scene. Even at a young age, the band radiates maturity through their stage performance and the heavy lyrical aspects in their songs. All angles of Lucy In Blue were unforgettable. Starting off, the band was well coordinated, taking a bit of styling advice from the 70s. Their outfits all fit the hippie vibe of the late 70s, flowing with their movement on stage the rest of the night. Through entertaining guitar solos, Steinþór Bjarni Gíslasonm nailed both the flow of his guitar and his own voice. On bass was Matthías Hlífar Pálsson, of which molded all the universal sounds of guitar, drums, vocals and keys at once. Whether it was keys or vocals, Arnaldur Ingi Jónsson had the audience wrapped around his little finger. His bubbly personality and memorable tones on the keyboard set him apart from the rest of the band.

As the band moved towards the end of their set, the audience joined in chanting for them to play another song. With the same timing as their other songs, the encore ended up following the same style, being about ten minutes long. All in all, Lucy In Blue is a must see on the Iceland music scene as they created an alternate reality of time and also recreated the striving sound and passion for classic rock.

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