Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/8): Cheddy Carter, Lord Pusswhip, and Axel Flovent


Cheddy Carter is an Icelandic hip-hop group consisting of Fonetik Simbol, Charlie Marlowe and IMMO. The group played early at Húrra last night, so early that there wasn’t much of a crowd at the show when it began. But that didn’t stop Cheddy Carter from giving the performance their all. They have awesome stage presence and chemistry with one another. Their music is incredible. The band performed a great song at the end of their set called “Yellow Magic,” in which they named a handful of different types of cheeses. Cheddy Carter was exactly the type of performance a hip-hop fan would want to see at the start of their last night at Airwaves.


Þórður Ingi Jónsson, better known by his stage name Lord Pusswhip, is a 21-year old Icelandic electronica/rap artist. After a short introduction video featuring psychedelic waves and images of naked women, Lord

Pusswhip and a mystery guest took the stage at Húrra for the last night of Iceland Airwaves. Lord Pusswhip came out in his bare feet, long hair, and leather jacket. The show started out slow but picked up slightly when the rapper who accompanied him jumped off stage and strolled through the crowd. Overall, the show didn’t have much substance. Neither of the rappers on stage did much in the way of moving around and they didn’t interact with one another (or the audience) at all which made the show feel uneventful. Lord Pusswhip’s music was alright and people in the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, but it wasn’t the most memorable performance of the night.


Axel Flóvent is an Icelandic indie/folk singer-songwriter. Flóvent put on an emotional show last night at Gaukurinn to end his time at Iceland Airwaves 2015. One of the most impressive things about Axel Flóvent and his band are that they all appear to be so young, yet are talented beyond their years. Some of the members of the crowd were showing love to the band before the set even started, shouting praise from the back of the venue as soon as Flóvent’s bandmates stepped on stage. Axel Flóvent and his band seemed to be happy to be playing yet another Iceland Airwaves show, after playing a total of eight since the festival started just four days ago.  The show was just good, musically this band is excellent but this performance wasn’t something that would blow an audience away. Regardless, this Axel Flóvent show was a great way to wind down and have fun after a week at the festival.


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