Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/7) Cheddy Carter, Lord Pusswhip, GKR (REVIEW)


Tonight was a Hip-Hop night.

First up was the group Cheddy Carter founded this year by three of the four original members of Original Melody. The group played a range of music focussing on minimalist, dizzying beats.

The two rappers could easily be compared to Eminem and Action Bronson in their rapping styles and sounds. But once the show got going the comparisons stopped and the true artistry came through. Despite the very American style when rapping in English the performers managed to deliver their cleverly thought out rhymes with true grace and belief in what they were saying. The performance was enhanced greatly by the projected photos behind and the connection with the crowd. This group has the ability to go further and branch out due to their clever beats and well crafted rhymes.

At only 21 Lord Pusswhip has been taking the Icelandic hip hop scene by storm with his psychdelic beats. He has produced for several underground names including Antwon, Metro Zu and Th@ Kid. Having been inspired by Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress hill and Antipop Consortium he aims to make his beats absurd, shocking, timeless and with some added humour.

He mixed some of his beats from his large collection as featured on soundcloud. The performance did lack a lot of energy and some of the beats were a little too complicated for a live setting causing a distraction. The originality did help a lot and this was truly something that isn’t being done elsewhere.

Influenced by Kid Kudi, GKR is one of Iceland’s newest rappers that started his career in Poland. He’s only played a few shows but he’s hotly tipped. His live show was a high energy performance with lots of chanting to the chorus and intimate conversations with the crowd between songs. His popularity was well proven since the crowd knew lots of his lyrics and jumped with the beat.

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