Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog Day Six: Final Reflections


In Iceland I’ve seen a different sort of people that made me reflect on myself and the people I’m surrounded by in life. As I sit outside enjoying my last night I know I want to come back here again under different circumstances. I don’t know when and I’m not sure how but I will be back here.
The people here are understanding, successful/content in their minimalism, passionate about their culture and art as well as their acceptance of all types of people Ive seen thus far.
I wish I and others I know could absorb all of this behavior and bring it back with us. As my classmate Meg wrote about on her first daily blog, there was a little girl at the Sundhöll pool we went to who told us that we shouldn’t be shy (about our bodies) and I myself learned a lot more about being okay with my body. I thought on how embarassed I was the first time we had to strip and shower at the first pool to how a couple of days later at Blue Lagoon I didnt even think about it. Here and in other places in Europe there is a much more positive body image ingrained in young children’s minds, unlike in the states where we’re trained young to worry about how we look, whether it’s thin or fat.
There is so much beauty here, be it in the lights, food, or art, that is overlooked at first glance.

Speaking of the beauty of food, we went to Tapas Barinn tonight, and ate some amazingly interesting cuisine. I will admit with only a little guilt, and it’s only a little because how good it all was that outweighs the shock of it, that I ate puffin, whale, and kangaroo. As well as lamb and a bit of lobster tail (the one thing I didn’t like) but it was all so delicious and filling and well worth any qualms I might have had before dinner.

IMG_2471ccc IMG_2473ccc IMG_2477ccc IMG_2481ccc IMG_2483ccc IMG_2485ccc IMG_2490ccc

As for the Northern Lights…it may have taken us a bit longer and we had to change to a different location but we saw the northern lights tonight. It was faint and in the distance. But my camera was able to pick up most of the light and it was gorgeous. Freezing, but gorgeous. The winds in the countryside are a lot worse than the ones in the city, but it was well worth it. It made me feel so small, this great big light that forced it’s way through the clouds. It’s beautiful and like all beautiful things, like let’s say diamonds, you have to work for them a bit more.

IMG_2503ccc IMG_2504ccc IMG_2517ccc

Now to thank everyone who has made this trip so awesome and fulfilling!

Of course, thank you to my professor Althea Legaspi, this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without her, and we are all grateful for all that she has done for us here in Iceland as well as back home.

Thank you to Iceland Air Reykjavik Marina for your hospitality and helpfulness during our time here, and wonderful food as well!

Can’t forget Reykjavik Excursions, for taking us on all of those fun excursions out into the countryside.

Thank you to Iceland Music Export/Iceland Airwaves Music Festival for allowing us to enjoy and cover this event, and giving us all a new fantastic experience.

Thank you to the people I interviewed, which includes:

A huge thank you to Audur Magndis, director of Samtökin 78, for talking with me and her immense help with my final story.

Much thanks to Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, parliament member of the left-green movement, who gave me deep insight into Iceland politics and economics.

Also, thank you to Hörður Torfason, artist and activist as well as an Icelandic celebrity and founder of Samtökin 78 , for talking with me a bit of his story and helping me delve into Iceland’s LGBT community.

Thank you to Líf Magneudóttir, human rights city council member, for another political dive into all that is Iceland.

Thank you to all the random and great people I have met on this trip and a bigger than words thank you to Iceland.

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