Iceland Airwaves Day Five (9/8): Lord Pusswhip, GKR, Cell7


Lord Pusswhip // 8:50 Húrra

Þórður Ingi Jónsson known as Lord Pusswhip is a 21 year old Icelandic rapper. The show started with a clip of grass with a beat playing behind it. He appeared on stage shoeless. His bare feet hopped up and down. The psychedelic hip-hop was mixed with heavy beats of electronica. He rapped completely in Icelandic, and even had a moment where he laid down onstage.

GKR// 9:40 Húrra

GKR, an Icelandic rapper, came on stage at Húrra to a packed crowd. The 21 year old looked like a cooler version of Dwight Schrute from The Office. He was a walking advertisement for himself. GKR was written on him from his hoodie down to his shoes. He had the audience on their toes the entire time. His heavy beat and fast tempo matched his flow well, and he spoke only in Icelandic. He connected with the crowd and kept on a witty banter in Icelandic for long periods of time.


Cell7// 12:20 Húrra

Rapper Ragna Kjartansdóttir known as Cell7 has had many firsts. The Filipino Icelandic rapper is an original member of rap group Subterranean (1997-99). She released her first solo album Cellf in 2013. Her sound is early M.I.A with vibes on heavy beats and spunky song writing techniques. Her songs jump from love stories to the average plot of being a better MC than everyone else.

Tonight, Cell7 shook the house down. Since returning to the rap game in 2013, she’s been collecting fans left and right. She brought on stage a couple of guests, but the light was on her. The amount of energy and positivity she brought was unmatched by any other show at Airwaves. She made a great connection with the crowd, and invited everyone to dance, and participate. During the song “Gal Pon Di Scene” she instructed the crowd on how to respond during the chorus. The audience would be in charge of shouting “we here we here” and without fail people shouted. The connection with the crowd was fun, and it made the show go by far too quickly.

She played a couple of new songs, mixed in with what she played from her Cellf. “City Lights” one of her new songs has a fun beat and great flow. The show was an amazing end to Iceland Airwaves.


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