Iceland Airwaves Day Four (9/7): Holly Macve, Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher, Flo Morrisey

Holly Macve//8:00 Fríkirkjan

IMG_0434 (1)

Holly Macve is nineteen year old from Scotland. With sounds like First Aid Kit, and a more indie Amy Winehouse the Scott is touring with John Grant. Macve played in a church tonight; the tall ceilings echoed her voice around and there was nothing extra. Macve isn’t a performer. Her show is about music, and it’s great. She stood with her guitar or sat on the piano and played. There was no distracting dancing, or witty banter. There was music. Her voice was subtle when she spoke to the audience telling us that it was her first time in Iceland, and how she wants to move here. But when she began to sing again her voice roared with low tones over minor keys. Her second to last song “All of its Glory” is a saga inspired by her own great grandparents’ love letters. It left the majority of the crowd silenced. When the show ended she thanked the crowd, and promptly took a seat in the balcony to listen to the next act.



Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher// 9:00 Fríkirkjan

Jón Ólafsson and Árni Grétar known as Futuregrapher collaborated molding Ólafsson’s melodic piano, with Grétar’s ambient music. They also co-own electronic label Möller Records. The two artists seem to be unlikely friends, but their two styles of music combine beautifully. They mixed minor keys with everyday sounds like rain, and waves.  Grétar swayed to the music with closed eyes. While Ólafsson crouched over his piano, his head hung low, as he banged on the keys. The show was a complete jam session. Similar to Holly Macve it was more about the music and less about the performance. Though during the performance they laughed with one another, Grétar genuinely thanked the audience when they ended their set. Not only were they humble but they lingered after their show to speak to the audience and sell records.


Flo Morrissey// 10:00 Fríkirkjan

With a touch of flower child, and sounds like Lana Del Rey, UK based musician Flo Morrissey transported listeners back to a time where raw emotions ruled, and acid did, too. At only 21 years old Flo seems to have an antique voice, and a wisdom that shows in her lyrics. Her show consisted of her and her trusty cellist, James. James happened to steal the show with his graceful movements, and beautiful notes. Flo showed her talent as a multi-instrumentalist switching between piano and guitar. While she played original songs in her set she ended the night singing a Billie Holiday cover a Capella.

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