Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/7): Reykjavikurdateur, Lara Runar, Young Karin


Tonights gigs started with Reykjavikurdateur. Established in the summer of 2013, the 20 piece female rap group formed at a club night in Reykjavik. What started out as fun then turned into an official group. The band rap over synth heavy beats and rap about topics ranging from Slut Shaming to Feminism.

The women have only released a handful of songs and are yet to release an album, but they’ve already been taking the Icelandic rap scene by storm having played at most major festivals in the country and gaining thousands of views on their artistic videos online. This is their second time at Airwaves festival.

The group (14 of them at this event) performed in perfect unison, knowing when to hand each other the microphones and supporting each other from the stage. The songs were well chosen for the set, opting for some slightly lighter songs to accommodate the early crowd. Although the lyrics were in Icelandic, the crowd responded well to the quick delivery and fast flow. The show featured lots of thrusting from the group as well as high energy body movement. These girls are destined for big things and despite the Icelandic flow, they could possible make it internationally.

Next was Lara Runar, another Reykjavik native, she has been around for several years releasing her first album in 2003. She’s worked alongside Damien Rice, Amy MacDonald and Ikorni. Her gentle tones and soft music are what have led to her sold out shows.

This was Lara’s 10th Iceland Airwaves and it showed as she glided around the stage with true confidence as a performer and a singer. The show featured a large band containing a guitarist, a bassist, a trumpet player, a trombone player, a saxophone player, a keyboard and a drummer with some providing additional vocals at times. She played some great uplifting tracks that worked well with the large band giving them all great parts to play. Sara new how to work the crowd well with both her politeness and strong song-writing skills.

Finally were Young Karin, playing what is referred to as Scandinavian art-pop. Young Karin as a duo have only been around since 2013 but have received huge support from online blogs including DIY. They’re inspired by modern hip-hop and avant-garde pop.

Their performance contained lots of high energy percussion as well as clever uses of samples rounded off by the amazing vocals of the group. The beats used were well crafted and worked well in a live environment with the tracks having big potential. The band performed well together and showed signs of a promising career. The material in the songs showed potential but was slightly forgettable, something that can be remedied.

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