Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/7): Porches, Kiasmos, Hundred Waters (REVIEW)

Porches, an American band out of New York City, opened the evening over at Harpa Silfurberg tonight at 8 PM. Their performance was great, the vocals and the bass worked together really well. Ronald Paris, the lead singer, had a great sense of humor with the crowd, making a joke about Taylor Swift mid song. Between numbers he encouraged everyone to turn to their neighbor, whether acquainted or not, and tell them a joke. The whole set was done well, they put on a very successful show.


Kiasmos went on after Porches at Harpa Silfurburg at 9 PM. An Icelandic techno duo, the crowd really packed in full to see their performance. They put out some serious beats and kept them coming. Just by looking at them you could tell that they were having an absolutley rad time. You could see the enthusiasm on their faces when they would occasionally take a moment to look at each other. Their show was accompanied by an astounding light show and a projection of graphics. All the parts of the show came together seamlessly and the crowd was exhilarated.


At 11:30 PM at Gamla Bíó, the American indie electronic quartet Hundred Waters out of Florida took the stage. The female vocalist, Nicole Miglis, completely stole the show in the best kind of way. Her voice was phenomenal, with an outstanding higher range. You could see her passion for her music in her stage presence. She was very successful with how she used effects on her voice throughout the performance. She also showed to be a very talented pianist, weaving keys in and out of many of their songs. Towards the end of the gig, she even took a nice length solo from the group which really put her talent on display. They were all super kind and grateful to the crowd, it was obvious they were stoked to be in Iceland.



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