Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/7): Dream Wife, Chili and the Whalekillers, and MOURN



Dream Wife are an in your face, girl power pop trio. These women are strong and their performance last night at Húrra reflected that. The girls had undeniable chemistry. They jumped around stage together and occasionally screamed in each other’s faces, laughing at each other as they did it. Icelandic-born lead singer, Rakel Mjöll, pulled audiences in with her sweet, dreamy vocals then immediately hit them with a biting scream that pushed them away. Halfway through the show, Rakel invited a member of another powerful, all female group on stage. One of the girls from Reykjavíkurdaetur came up to sing Dream Wife’s song “F.U.U” and the audience reaction made Húrra’s floors shake. And no doubt, the stage was shaking too. Dream Wife seem to have put it all on the stage, not letting anything stop them from giving the crowd what they wanted. At one point in the middle of the show, Rakel’s hair got wrapped around bandmate Bella Podpadec’s bass guitar, but the girl’s laughed it off and never faltered. The show ended with guitar player, Alice Go, rushing into the crowd. Dream Wife definitely packed a punch, both lyrically and musically. Their gig last night was a total knock-out.



Chili and the Whalekillers are an Austrian/Icelandic art rock group. Last night in Iðno, the 5-piece had the floor of the restaurant venue shaking. Chili and the Whalekillers played a wide variety of music, seeming to have switched genres after every song. The performance went from 1950’s American pop rock to Jimmy Hendrix to an amazing polka track that ended the show. This wide array of music genres is a testiment to the band member’s incredible talents. Excluding the drummer, every member of Chili and the Whalekillers played at least three instruments over the course of the show. Whether it be guitar to keyboard, or keyboard to bass or even keyboard to saxophone, they played it well. Not only was the band talented, but unique. Complete with interpretive dance choreography and poetic lead-ins to set the scene for each song, Chili and the Whalekillers gave an unforgettable, feel-good performance perfect for a Saturday night out in Reykjavík.



MOURN are a indie rock band from Barcelona, Spain. Before the MOURN show last night at Iðno, it was a packed house. This band of teenagers came on stage and started the show with a killer drum solo. MOURN have a great sound. Their 2014 self-titled album Mourn and 2015’s Gertrudis are worth more than a couple of listens, but the noise level at their show last night didn’t do them or the audience any favors. Even from the back of the venue, the music was so loud, it was impossible to hear anything except the vibrations off the walls. While the room was full and the crowd reacted pretty positively after every song, a lot of people were walking out during the show. Rock shows are meant to be loud but when audiences can’t make out the music, it makes for an unbearable 30-minute set. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to MOURN last night.

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