Iceland Airwaves Day Five: Blue Lagoon

I started my day at Dunkin’ Donuts. I know this isn’t Icelandic at all. I know I can have Dunkin’ in Chicago every day if I wanted too. I didn’t care. My American side won today anyway because I found something awesome at Dunkin’ Donuts.



I also was so hungry that I was willing to eat anything at this point. I couldn’t be late. I had to make it to the bus to go to the Blue Lagoon on time.

The BLUE LAGOON. ABSOLUTE INSANITY. The drive to the Blue Lagoon is beautiful, the coastline, the green mossed rocks, everything about it makes me want to explore Iceland. I’ve never seen the Earth look so much like ocean waves.

When we finally arrived to the Lagoon. I was overwhelmed. The amount of people, and languages flying around me was surreal. I realized once I got inside. The Blue Lagoon has turned into a tourist trap.

This statement may catch some flack from people, but I just call it as I see it. The amount of construction outside was proof. They were expanding the Lagoon because the influx in visitors per year. I’m not saying The Blue Lagoon is something to skip, not at all. It’s a beautiful place. It’s refreshing and healing, but I had to take a deep breath while I was there. People get excited and I don’t have to shame them for wearing there shoes in the locker room, EVEN THOUGH the sign said not to do that.


When we arrived back in Reykjavík, I had my heart set on a burger from Burger Joint. A small circular building right in the 1o1 hosts the Burger Joint. I ordered my burger from a group of five line cooks all in baseball caps that reminded me of the States. The burger was awesome! I had everything on it, and it was delicious.

Above all today was a good day. I saw a lot of countryside. It was beautiful. It made me feel small in a good way. The world is much bigger than me. I am okay with that.

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One Response to Iceland Airwaves Day Five: Blue Lagoon

  1. Leigh Fairey says:

    Wait! “My American side one”???? Did you mean won? And…”for wearing ‘there’ shoes” Did you mean THEIR?????? Editing my dear, please. Love, your former English teacher.

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