Iceland Airwaves Daily Blog Day Five: Flea Market and Blue Lagoon

As our Icelandic adventure starts to end, today was still filled with adventures. The morning was a tough one, to say the least. After waking up from a little under five hours of sleep from the exciting and exhausting night at Iceland Airwaves, it was time to see more of what Iceland had to offer.

The first stop ended up right in downtown Reykjavík. At 11 o’clock sharp, the doors of the flea market opened. Oddly, the first stop on my trip inside the flea market was right towards the fermented shark, Hákarl. Preparing myself to eat the shark was not an easy task. The anxiety to try a very interesting cultural element vibrated through my body. To my surprise, I actually quite enjoyed it. Tasting like a mixture of lobster and elderly cheese, the taste of Hákarl does not leave your mouth for a good amount of time.

After the Hákarl, I ran towards the necessities for leaving Iceland. Finally, after the time of searching, I finally was able to get a wool sweater. Aiming to find a style a bit more contemporary, I finally decided on a trusty poncho, sharing vibrant purples and whites against a mainly all black piece. Feeling like an Icelandic model, the door was the next place to go.


Post flea market, Blue Lagoon was the next place to stop. Being one of the largest tour destinations in Iceland, the lagoon was packed. When walking

through the entrance, you immediately fell into a line of people. After waiting several minutes (that must have seemed longer from excitement), it was time to hit the water.

Facials, cool beverages and the refreshing, hot water made for a relaxing day in Iceland. Basking in the geothermal pools definitely proved to be a success, wiping away the pains of adventuring in heavy combat boots.

After Blue Lagoon, it was time to hop on the bus and head back to the heart of Reykjavík. Ready to immerse myself in a night of Icelandic artists again, I don’t think I’m ready to say good-bye to the Iceland Airwaves festival.

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